Our Vote=Our Voice

We have partnered with HeadCount to ensure that if you are eligible to vote, you are registered and prepared!

If you are unsure if you are eligible to vote because of a prior felony conviction, we want you to know that there is a path to restoring your rights in all 50 states. Check here for more details on your state. If you are eligible and register to vote now -- just CLICK HERE

It takes less than two minutes! Once registered, you can vote in any local or national election. If you are already registered, or unable to register, you can still participate in the movement by pledging to get others to vote HERE


Think you are already registered and need to verify your voter registration? CLICK HERE.

Check out HeadCount’s Vote From Home page for your state’s information on voting absentee. 

Register to vote today to make sure that your voices are heard!


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The platform you are creating is not for yourself. It is for the person next to you. - Rev. Dr. Roger D. Mitchell Jr @rmitch_jr


T-25 minutes Join is for a conversation w Tamika D Mallory & Rev. Dr. Roger Mitchell! Together, we will seek to understand what 21st-century activism looks like by tracing its historical roots to uncover the myriad connections between those efforts and our modern-day advocacy!


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