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OICA designates Oct 16th as the National Day of Opportunities

As our nation embarks on a monumental, formal recognition of our historical national Black holiday Juneteenth, Opportunities Industrialization Centers of America could not think of a better time to announce the OIC’s National Day of Opportunities.

This year we celebrated our founder Rev. Dr. Leon H. Sulllivan’s legacy and purpose by hosting our Moving Mountains event. The virtual event Moving Mountains served as a culminating tribute to Dr. Sullivan’s contributions to our country’s growth in diversity, equity, and inclusion.

On this day, we are proud to announce our continued commitment to elevating the vision of Dr. Sullivan. Therefore, OICA has designated October 16th as the National Day of Opportunities. Known as “Founder’s Day” for our network, OICA will work collaboratively with our network leaders to curate various ways each OIC honors Dr. Sullivan’s legacy by creating access and opportunity for all people, essentially helping people help themselves.

In the proclamation released by the White House, President Biden states, “Juneteenth not only commemorates the past, but It also calls us to action today.” OIC of America holds space for the long journey ahead of us and agrees that none of us are free until we are all free. Join us and become an Opportunity-Maker by clicking here.

To see OIC’s across America creating opportunities for marginalized communities subscribe to our Youtube at the link below and follow us on Facebook & Instagram @oicofamerica!



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