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Comcast Newsmakers-Job Training During The Pandemic with James C. Haynes of OIC of America

Through its programs, OIC of America has trained more than 3 million people who now have the skills they need to advance careers and change their futures. James Haynes the President and CEO of OIC of America discusses the organization’s history, training programs and voter engagement opportunities.

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Recorded February 10, 2021

OICA Celebrates Black History Month

Today, OIC of America will begin a month-long salute and reflection of the many contributions African Americans have made to the rich fabric that makes up The United States. The OIC of America network celebrates the legacies and gifts made by African Americans all year long. However, Black History Month is the one month that we reflect on and remember African-Americans’ life-changing contributions from the past and present-day as a nation.

On this first day of Black History Month, we invite you to explore and celebrate Black Americans’ central role in shaping American history and their extraordinary contributions to the world. OICA will showcase Black excellence in the upcoming weeks- the beauty and complexities of being Black in America and beyond. We hope that you will join us on this journey. 

Ride To Work LLC and Opportunities Industrialization Centers of America are on a Mission to Make Transportation Accessible for 1000 Marginalized Workers in 2021

A synergistic collaboration of values and missions

Philadelphia PA: Ride To Work LLC (RTW) announced an exciting new partnership with OIC of America (OICA). This partnership will align Ride To Work’s transportation management services with OICA’s mission of workforce development for people in the reentry sector and other marginalized populations in OICA’s national network.

OIC of America will serve as the fiscal agent for Ride To Work in this joint initiative. The pilot seeks to raise a minimum of $3 million to subsidize transportation for up to 1000 adversely impacted and marginalized workers in the Southern Eastern Pennsylvania area. This initiative will help fill supply chain/warehouse jobs, and others, that are not easily accessible by public transportation.  The Philadelphia initiative represents a model of deployment that can be replicated in other cities. 

“We are committed to implementing creative solutions in helping our program participants, and the communities they live in, achieve economic independence.  One significant barrier, among many in marginalized communities, is reliable and safe transportation to and from places of employment outside of the inner city.  We believe this transportation solution with RTW will fundamentally change people’s lives—getting them to and from living-wage jobs.  We are extremely excited to be partnering with the RTW team, who’s mission and values align with ours,” says James Haynes, President & CEO of OIC of America.

“We are honored to partner with OIC of America. Their work and mission over 50 years are in alignment with the work of Ride To Work. Providing better access to jobs is essential to the work and mission of both organizations. This partnership will provide Ride To Work a national footprint that will be invaluable to OIC of America’s affiliates,” adds Tim Styer, President & CEO, Ride To Work LLC. 

Providing better access to jobs is essential to the work and mission of both organizations. This partnership will provide Ride To Work a national footprint that will be invaluable to OIC of America’s affiliates,” adds Tim Styer, President & CEO, Ride To Work LLC. 

About Ride To Work:  Ride To Work is a transportation management company assists workforce development provide solutions for adversely impacted and marginalized workers with barriers to employment. Our transportation model fosters collaboration with Philadelphia’s robust network of workforce development agencies, employers, and governments.

Background – OIC of America Background – OIC of America is a national 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that provides leadership, technical assistance, and service alignment across a nationwide network of 31 affiliates in 19 states. OIC’s affiliates serve youth and adults, including currently or formerly incarcerated individuals and those who have been historically underserved in education and training programs. Founded in 1964 by Dr. Leon Sullivan, our mission is to provide high-quality services that will enable economically disadvantaged and unemployed people of all races and backgrounds to become productive, more fulfilled community members. By providing comprehensive services in four key areas: Education, Economic Development, Healthcare, and Community Development, thousands of participants break the cycle of poverty through our efforts and theirs, creating a more just society. For more information, please visit

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Join us on December 18th at 12:00 pm EST for our Fireside Chat with the one and only Tamika D. Mallory and Rev. Dr. Roger Mitchell Jr. in a timely discussion that aims to leave us all energized and inspired. Together, we will seek to understand what 21st-century activism looks like by tracing its historical roots to uncover the myriad connections between those efforts and our modern-day advocacy on behalf of returning citizens and communities of color affected by racial injustice across the country.

Discover the role you currently play in the movement toward equity and justice; reaffirming dignity, reallocating opportunity, and redistributing resources to compassionately equip our community members with the tools to contribute to and transform society for the better. We are being tasked to rise to the challenges and possibilities of the present moment in order to achieve meaningful reform. Let’s renew our collective commitment to the only pathway forward- People, Purpose, and Passion! 

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Happy Veterans Day from OICA

Veterans Day is certainly a good time to honor those brave men and women who served this country representing all military  branches.   Thank you for your  sacrifice snd bravery in protecting our individual and collective freedoms.  

We would also ask those that can, please  pledge to do something for those who have served this country only to find on most nights nearly 40,000 veterans are classified as homeless.

Thank you in advance!


Job Title: Partnership Manager

Supervisor: Director of Partnerships

Salary: $60,000 + Commission (Full Competitive Benefits Package after 1 full- year of service)

FSLA Status: Exempt, Full-time Regular

Location: Remote/ Occasionally In-Office in Philadelphia, PA


OIC of America (OICA) is a nonprofit organization and the national office of a network of 31 workforce development organizations spread across the United States.  Our mission is to provide underserved communities with the tools and support needed to overcome barriers to economic opportunity.  We envision a world in which all people are contributing members of their families and communities.  Through their efforts and ours, our participants can break the cycle of poverty, and aid to creating a more just and equitable society.  OICA provides job and life skills training and matches our graduates with the employment needs of local businesses.  Our organization and broader network have trained over 2 million people nationwide over the past 50+ years.


OICA is seeking a Partnerships Manager to build strategic relationships with key stakeholders that can support the signature programs, including the SOAR reentry project. The duties of the Partnerships Manager include working closely with OIC affiliates across multiple cities to help connect them with key stakeholders and resources that are available in their local business, workforce, and reentry ecosystems.

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A Message from our President

Giving honor to our founder Dr. Leon H. Sullivan

During a time of great uncertainty in this country and around the world,  our organization continues to move beyond rhetoric and limited thinking to the always serious and important work to bring about substantial and lasting change to those most in need – it is the OIC way.

Ours is to respond to the needs of those seeking our special brand of compassion and caring – Ours is to rise to the occasion of the moment and doing not only what is necessary but doing what is right – Ours is to re-imagine what is possible while valuing our history and understanding and appreciating the sacrifices of so many, allowing us to come this far – Ours is to dream big while also knowing the sacrifices we have to make to ensure our people break the shackles of racism – Ours is to be that beacon of hope followed by the important actions of doing – it is the OIC way.

As we celebrate the life and legacy of our Founder and his many achievements to the underserved in this country and around the world,  I ask those who read this post to make a commitment to lend your talents to lifting people up out of poverty by “helping people help themselves” – it is the OIC way.

Diversity Is Essential In STEM. Here’s How People Are Organizing ‘Good Trouble’ To Make A Change.

Calvin Mackie – Contributor

Workforce development is another area in STEM ripe for Good Trouble, Necessary Trouble. The consulting company McKinsey & Co. recently published a report entitled, “The Future of Work in Black America,” projecting that automation may disrupt 4.5 million jobs held by African Americans over the next 10 years. It is believed that automation which consists of Artificial Intelligence, machine language, and robots will replace low-wage, low-skill jobs in the near future. Many are afraid that the Covid-19 pandemic will hasten the shift to automation in the American economy.

Community-based workforce development and training programs must commit to providing trainees with skills for 21st-century jobs. Opportunities Industrialization Centers of America (OICA) is an organization committed to fighting the good fight.  “We must continue to fight for the change we seek – The State of Work in this country has and continues to change with evolving technologies. OICA and its network of Affiliates are responding to these changes.  As one of the longstanding and influential historical African American Workforce Development institutions in this country, we understand that we must be STEM-focused.

“Our network of affiliates works tirelessly to prepare people of color for sustainable jobs that lead to living-wage careers.  The Digital Divide is pervasive in the communities that we serve; as such, we seek to partner with STEM experts to develop scalable models focused on developing the entire pipeline from the cradle with 21st-century skills.  Our necessary trouble is blowing up the old model and embed STEM into the 31 Affiliates and communities we serve, across 21 states, and close the divide.” says James Haynes, President & CEO of OICA.

Read the full article here.

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OIC is a national 501(c)(3) non-profit organization preparing people for today's workforce with quality life skills development, fundamental education, superior job skills training, and employment readiness services.




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How it all began...... Did you know this about Dr. Sullivan? Join us for Moving Mountains: Celebrating The Principles and Purpose of Rev. Dr. Leon H. Sullivan on Friday, April 23rd at 1pm. RSVP at #MovingMountains20Years #DrSullivan20Years


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