SOAR - Skills and Opportunities for Achievement and Responsibility

OIC of America (OICA) was awarded two three-year U.S. DOL Reentry Grants totaling $8,787,369 to expand its SOAR program. Starting July 1, 2018, one grant will serve Young Adults 18 - 24 years of age, with the second serving adults 25 years of age and older. This represents a total of four grants awarded to OICA as an intermediary in three years, bringing their U.S. DOL Reentry total awards to $17.8 million dollars. In this round of grants, OIC of America was the only intermediary grantee awarded two grants to service two demographics. This award allowed OICA to expand their current program from seven affiliates and program partners to eleven, covering six states, which is 29% of their affiliate network, and 27% of their current U.S. state coverage.

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, these grants give organizations the opportunity to develop methods that maximize participants' inclusion and integration into society, employment opportunities, family support, and economic and social self-sufficiency. They intend to address the full range of challenges faced by justice-involved individuals transitioning back to the community. The Department awarded these grants to a combination of rural and urban projects located in high-crime, high-poverty communities. Awardees offer a range of services based on current evidence and proven research, as well as promising and emerging practices. The intent of the Reentry Projects grant program is to protect community safety by ensuring that participants who successfully exit the program are provided with positive opportunities to engage in employment or education; become productive, responsible, and law-abiding members of society; maintain long-term employment; and establish a stable residence.

These recent awards will be delivered as follows and OICA will serve as intermediary.

  • Serving Adults - Clark County OIC - Portland OIC - Tri-County OIC - Philadelphia OIC - Total DOL dollars $4,424,458.
  • Serving Young Adults - American Indian OIC - Rocky Mount OIC - Portland OIC - Chester County OIC - Total DOL dollars $4,362,911.

Educational and community-based programs play a key role in OICA’s vision and mission. The OIC network administers programs in; vocational training, job readiness, healthcare, education, reentry, and youth development. OICA plans to continue the expansion of its national team to provide technical assistance, performance management, and support to its network of affiliates and program partners.

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  • Laurence Matthew

    “[South Florida OIC] truly is a blessing to the community by assisting the under-employed, unemployed, and ex-offenders population with training and job placement assistance programs.”

  • William Bright, Summit Academy OIC, MN

    “This experience gave me the confidence to return to a normal life, a normal home, and the ability to use my homelessness to empower those who struggle as I have.”

  • Adelina Rondeau, OIC of New London, New London, CT

    “What a wonderful place with wonderful people that truly and genuinely want to help you!”

  • Maria Mabanag, JobTrain, Menlo Park, CA

    “Tremendous thanks to JobTrain and its financial supporters for giving me the opportunity to graduate in Culinary Arts….God Bless to you good people at JobTrain and EDD as well!!”


OIC is a national 501(c)(3) non-profit organization preparing people for today's workforce with quality life skills development, fundamental education, superior job skills training, and employment readiness services.



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