Youth Development

Many OICs offer programming to address the unique needs of youth. Many of the programs engage youth within their communities, schools, organizations, peer groups, and families in a productive and constructive manner. Programs are designed to recognize, utilize, and enhance youths’ strengths and promote positive outcome by providing positive relationships, support, and opportunities for youth to enhance their interests, skills, and abilities. Program offerings may include but are not limited to: after school interest groups, cultural activities and hobbies; exercise and sports; volunteer service opportunities; mentoring; and teenage pregnancy prevention and other health-supports.

Want to get involved?

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  • Laurence Matthew

    “[South Florida OIC] truly is a blessing to the community by assisting the under-employed, unemployed, and ex-offenders population with training and job placement assistance programs.”
  • William Bright, Summit Academy OIC, MN

    “This experience gave me the confidence to return to a normal life, a normal home, and the ability to use my homelessness to empower those who struggle as I have.”
  • Maria Mabanag, JobTrain, Menlo Park, CA

    “Tremendous thanks to JobTrain and its financial supporters for giving me the opportunity to graduate in Culinary Arts….God Bless to you good people at JobTrain and EDD as well!!”
  • Adelina Rondeau, OIC of New London- New London, CT

    “What a wonderful place with wonderful people that truly and genuinely want to help you!”