A Message from our President

Giving honor to our founder Dr. Leon H. Sullivan

During a time of great uncertainty in this country and around the world,  our organization continues to move beyond rhetoric and limited thinking to the always serious and important work to bring about substantial and lasting change to those most in need – it is the OIC way.

Ours is to respond to the needs of those seeking our special brand of compassion and caring – Ours is to rise to the occasion of the moment and doing not only what is necessary but doing what is right – Ours is to re-imagine what is possible while valuing our history and understanding and appreciating the sacrifices of so many, allowing us to come this far – Ours is to dream big while also knowing the sacrifices we have to make to ensure our people break the shackles of racism – Ours is to be that beacon of hope followed by the important actions of doing – it is the OIC way.

As we celebrate the life and legacy of our Founder and his many achievements to the underserved in this country and around the world,  I ask those who read this post to make a commitment to lend your talents to lifting people up out of poverty by “helping people help themselves” – it is the OIC way.