SOAR: Skills and Opportunities for Achievement and Responsibility

Central to OICA’s mission are community-based initiatives that work to reaffirm dignity and equip underserved communities with the tools to help people help themselves. Since 2016, OIC of America has been a proud national purveyor of SOAR, a comprehensive and evidence-based reentry program.


Our SOAR program has reduced recidivism well below the national average using the evidence based Integrated and Reentry and Employment Strategies (IRES) model, a framework where services are allocated based on a thorough assessment of everyone’s criminogenic and work readiness needs. The IRES model enables our network of practitioners to employ a structured, yet holistic approach to supporting the reintegration of our participants from relationship development to intensive case management, academic support, vocational training and credentialing, job placement, and long term follow up services.


SOAR is 100% funded by The US Department of Labor with a total of $39.2M in grant funding. Our network is slated to serve over 4,000 returning citizens 15 years of age and older in both urban and rural communities. Our diverse network of affiliates operating SOAR consists of an established community-based organizations that offer workforce development and wraparound social services in high poverty, high crime areas across the US.


OIC of America is committed to ongoing refinement and expansion of SOAR’s best practices to increase the number of participants we help transition successfully back to the workforce, thereby contributing our part to the larger movement toward racial equity and economic justice in this country and internationally.

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SOAR is 100% funded by five U. S. Department of Labor Grant ($21,500,000).