Sullivan Training Network

The Sullivan Training Network is our solution to invest in our people and address the national labor shortage. The network connects forgotten people to training for in-demand, living-wage careers, and connects employers to a reliable workforce so businesses thrive. It’s the People’s Pathway out of poverty, into new careers, and toward stronger communities and economies.

SOAR ReEntry

Assisting underserved communities through a comprehensive “reentry” program to address the full range of challenges faced by justice involved individuals. Successful participants ages 15 and up are provided with opportunities to engage in employment or education; become productive, responsible, and law abiding members of society who can now maintain long term employment and establish a stable residence.


Workforce Pathways for Youth

STEMLinx inspires and supports young people in gaining the interest, skills, and experiences they need to pursue careers in the STEM field, reaching into schools and forgotten neighborhoods to create pathways to rewarding careers. This program offers youth work experiences, engagement with STEM professionals, and access to learning labs to get the skills needed to succeed in their future STEM careers.