Memorial Day Tribute

We offer the below message which was authored by Brandon Wilson and Scott Rodgers

from our affiliate in Asheville, North Carolina:


Memorial Day Thoughts

This Memorial Day, we thank God for all who served, who sacrificed, who stood a post.  They are the 2 percenters!  Not because of wealth, power, or fame; but, because they took an oath and defended our freedoms.  These brave men and women only represent 2% of the country but defend 100% of our freedoms, our culture, our politic, and our families.

Being a Veteran is not a one way street of all dedication and sacrifice.  It is a two way street with the Military’s investment in each Veteran of skills, responsibility, duty, and the intrinsic value of being part of a larger community and/or family. That is why slogans like “once a marine, always a marine” are familiar to all of us as each branch instilled a sense of pride in being part of a community.  This two-way street, where man or woman invests in their country and their country invests in them, affirms that every person in our country has value and deserves our investment in their potential.

OIC believes in that fundamental value that “every” person has value, has potential.  We thank God for every OIC Affiliate who offers that “opportunity” to build a new skill, complete a certification or licensure, or who opens the door to the job of their dreams or a chance to climb the career ladder.  Veteran or non-veteran, OIC invests in persons to instill a sense of belonging to a culture of work, a culture of family, a culture of community. 

Our OIC Affiliates and Partners are producing outcomes where men and women provide the basic necessities and basic values for their family, provide strength for their community, and provide honor for the country.

 We salute all those Veterans who serve our country. We want all Veterans to know that OIC is appreciative of their sacrifices in protecting our fundamental freedoms and our way life and we stand with them and are prepared to invest in them to build on their skills to fill the skills gaps in our workforce so that they can fill gaps in our communities as strong leaders and family members.

 We also salute another kind of veteran, those who have years of dedicated service at OIC and those who are dedicated to serving their neighbor and building a stronger community through OIC of America. We honor all who are building stronger lives, stronger families, and stronger communities.  It’s not a slogan, its way of working and living and growing together, so we stand together with the two percenters who stand for freedom and justice.  This Memorial Day, let a Veteran know we stand with them.

James Haynes, President & CEO, OICA


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