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SOAR Highlight: Sheneathia Hanson, MBA

Sheneathia Hanson, MBA, is a passionate and unstoppable force of nature that we are proud to recognize as a true representative of our OIC network. A North Carolina native, Ms. Hanson came to Rocky Mount OIC with over 10 years of experience working directly with the Re-entry population in her neighboring communities. Having partnered with OIC throughout her years in the field of direct service, she was always aware of Rocky Mount OIC’s reputation as “a singular beacon of Hope” for the surrounding communities as well as a hub for in-house training and education. Once SOAR came to the doors of 402 E. Virginia Street, Sheneathia knew she wanted to be the one to help build out its SOAR unique offerings. She has since curated an incredible and cohesive team of inspirational and compassionate practitioners that are teaming with success stories from the hundreds of participants they have managed to serve thus far.

Ms. Hanson and her team currently boast the highest enrollment and success rates among the RP2 Young Adult grantees to date, currently servicing 130 participants whose lives will never be the same. Though she presides over two active grant projects as our resident SOAR Program Manager, Ms. Hanson ensures that she personally meets and directly monitors each and every single participant that comes into her midst. Her team operates very much like a family both amongst each other and with the participants they bring into the fold and wrap around with holistic and individualized services from housing to mental health to Work Experience training and internship placement with local employers. 

She is humbled and honored to accept her recent nomination to be part of the Board of the NEW Reentry Council, where she has long been known as the “Resource Queen” with many community connections to leverage and many insights to bring to the table that she intends to use to shift perspectives and strengthen offerings for those who face unseen challenges that often get forgotten. We are proud to claim her as one of our own; one among our sea of shining OIC stars out there changing hearts and minds and lives one individual at a time. Thank you Sheneathia and team for your commitment to the community and the legacy of our late founder, gone but never forgotten, Rev. Leon H. Sullivan. 


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