Portland OIC featured on CNN

The spike in violent crimes across this country has impacted many of the communities in which we serve. Our network continues to stand firm in our commitment to “helping people help themselves,” and that extends into violence prevention.

According to Mapps’ office, citing data from Portland’s Police Bureau, between June 1, 2020, and June 30, 2021, more than 1 in every 1,000 Black residents in Portland died of homicide. In response to the most recent wave of tragedy, the Portland OIC launched their Public Safety Village initiative this summer to have a “direct” and “immediate” impact on the community. The village is a group of 11 grassroots, Black-led organizations guided by individuals who have been involved or impacted by violence in the streets of Portland in the past.

Please take a look at the CNN story released on the work being done by Portland OIC to reduce violence by bringing our services to the streets.
CLICK HERE TO WATCH the CNN News report.

To learn more about Portland OIC’s work to reduce violence in Multnomah County, click HERE.

US Department of Labor awards OIC’s of America to serve justice impacted youth & veterans


OIC of America and it’s Network of Affiliates has a long and successful history of partnering with the Department of Labor to serve America’s most challenging workforce needs. During the pandemic in 2020,  our network demonstrated its ability to continue to meet the needs of our program participants to make an impact. We are pleased to announce that OIC of America will expand its national program, SOAR (Skills & Opportunity for Achievement and Responsibility) into its 6th iteration increasing the total number of people served to more than 4,500 individuals impacted by the criminal justice system through the Young Adult Reentry Partnership program.

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Philadelphia OIC Offers Digital Literacy Training Programs to Prepare for the Future of Work

Comcast has long believed in the power of partnerships to increase digital access and support job training initiatives, and the last year and a half has made those resources more necessary than ever. One long-standing partner, Philadelphia Opportunities Industrialization Center (OIC), helps residents gain digital literacy skills that will be essential to thrive in a post-pandemic economy.

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Philadelphia Inquirer Highlights OICA

The Philadelphia Inquirer is one of Philadelphia’s most prominent publications in the nation’s 6th largest city. OIC of America is happy to announce their recognition of our efforts to impact the lives of not only Philadelphians but of citizens throughout the US.

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OIC of America Awards General Motors



Contact: Shonique Banks, Director of Partnership

Phone: (215) 236-4500 (w), (973) 803-2349(c)

Email: sbanks@oicofamerica.org

Website: www.oicofamerica.org

Opportunities Industrialization Centers of America Honors General Motors with the

2021 Leon H. Sullivan Social Justice Award

Philadelphia PA: On April 23, 2021, at 1:00 pm, Opportunities Industrialization Centers of America (OICA) presented General Motors (GM) with the 2021 Leon H. Sullivan Social Justice Award, for being a trailblazer for social justice and the first Fortune 500 company to install a Black man on to its board, the late great Rev. Dr. Leon H. Sullivan. The virtual event was a culmination of twenty days of tributes to Rev. Dr. Leon H. Sullivan’s life and legacy.

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OIC of America to honor the legacy of Rev. Dr. Leon H. Sullivan


April 17, 2021

It’s been 20 years since the passing of Rev. Leon H. Sullivan and the impact of his accomplishments is still being felt throughout Philadelphia and beyond.

With that in mind, Opportunities Industrialization Center of America Inc. (OIC) will celebrate Sullivan’s impact with a “Moving Mountains” tribute April 23 at 1 p.m.

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Our Right to Vote is Under Attack!

In our pursuit for equity and inclusion in this country, generations of Black Americans have fought and died for our right to vote.  The freedom to vote and have our voices heard in selecting our political leaders is fundamental to our way of life and represents the cornerstone of our democracy.  However, we must acknowledge that there are those amongst us who are working to undermine our democracy.

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OICA Celebrates Black History Month

Today, OIC of America will begin a month-long salute and reflection of the many contributions African Americans have made to the rich fabric that makes up The United States. The OIC of America network celebrates the legacies and gifts made by African Americans all year long. However, Black History Month is the one month that we reflect on and remember African-Americans’ life-changing contributions from the past and present-day as a nation.

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Ride To Work LLC and Opportunities Industrialization Centers of America are on a Mission to Make Transportation Accessible for 1000 Marginalized Workers in 2021

A synergistic collaboration of values and missions

Philadelphia PA: Ride To Work LLC (RTW) announced an exciting new partnership with OIC of America (OICA). This partnership will align Ride To Work’s transportation management services with OICA’s mission of workforce development for people in the reentry sector and other marginalized populations in OICA’s national network.

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