Louis King, CEO of Summit Academy OIC featured on “Think Tank” CBS affiliate podcast

Recently, our very own Louis King, CEO of Summit Academy OIC was a guest on a CBS affiliate podcast in Minneapolis, MN. discussing Summit’s efforts to get low income people and people of color into STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) jobs.  This conversation resulted from Summit’s success with its first IT class where 17 of 19 graduates got jobs paying $17.00/hr. after also having a Paid Internships at $12.50/hr.

Summit’s next venture is to offer STEM exposure to kids as young as pre-school.  STEM starts to help kids at any age develop effective problem-solving techniques and helps set them on a path of lifelong learning and an appreciation for math and science.

They also have plans for a Gaming League and are launching a company, “STEM NATION”, which will allow for potential replication across the country.  The podcast introduced Summit Academy OIC to a broad and diverse audience, while also connecting them to industry insiders in the Mid-west Region of the country.  The discussion is certainly worth a listen as we continue to consider how to position OIC as a leader in workforce development.  Summit’s STEM strategy seems viable regardless of the size or location of the affiliate.  “We see no Alps.”

Click link below to listen!